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 Some shortness (omg ect)

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<3 Cody <3
<3 Cody <3

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Some shortness (omg ect) Empty
PostSubject: Some shortness (omg ect)   Some shortness (omg ect) EmptyThu Nov 19, 2009 12:18 am

So i will explain what they mean, only them that i have seen.

People use these

Lol - laughing out loud

Omg - oh my god

Omfg - oh my fucking god

Rofl - rollin on floor laughing

tbh - to be honest

ofc - of course

btw - by the way

wtf - what the fuck (welcome to finland)

ftw - for the win

Aka - also known as

noob - starter

thx/ty -thank you

nty - no thank you

nfs - not for sale

xmas - chirstmas

item shorts

D ring - dragonstone ring

G ring - gold ring

dbaxe - dragon battleaxe

Dds - dragon dagger (s)

D2h - Dragon 2h sword

whip - abbysal whip

g maul - granite maul

gp - coins

sgs - saradomin godsword

zgs - zamorak godsword

ags - ancient godsword/armadyl godsword

dgs - dagon godsword

bgs - bandos godsword

More later, thank you Smile

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Some shortness (omg ect) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Some shortness (omg ect)   Some shortness (omg ect) EmptyThu Nov 19, 2009 7:38 am

Thanks .. Also i edited some .. LOL is Laughing out loud and rofl is rolling on floor laughing

LOCK btw .. .

Thanks that you edited Smile -Cody

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Some shortness (omg ect)
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